Q:What is spaced repetition, and how does LanguageLearning.Ninja use it?

A:Spaced repetition is a common technique used by successful language learners. When you learn a new word it's to remember it for a few minutes, but most people tend forget it quickly. If you see or hear it again before you forget it then it's easy to remember it for a little bit longer than you could the first time. Spaced repetition is where you review a word just before you would normally forget it. Each time you encounter the word the spacing until you see it next becomes longer, until you are able to months or even years without using the word again.
All of our lessons, games and library texts are connected to spaced repetition. You might encounter a new word in our vocabulary flashcards, and then take a break to play a game. That new word will come up in the game when you are due to repeat it if the game can handle the word.

Q:What are the benefits to registering for the beta test?

A:When the beta test is over, parts of the site will be restricted to paid subscribers. As a way of saying thank you to our beta testers, these restricted areas will still be available to beta testers for one month after the paid version of the site goes live. If we create more modules after the full site is live, beta testers will have access to these sections while they are still being tested, before other users.

Q:I want to participate in the beta test, but the language that I want to learn isn't available. Can you add it for me?

A:That depends on the language, but the likely answer is yes. When you register for the beta test we ask you to list the languages you are interested in learning. We are continually building our language database, and we choose which languages to work on based on the number of users learning each language, the progress they are making, and the resources that we can find to provide accurate translations.

Q:Why do you offer the languages that you offer?

A:Our founder likes to go backpacking through Europe, and those are the languages she has needed to use while traveling. We needed to start somewhere, and testing the success of the website ourselves seemed as good a place as any to begin.